Error on WP-useronline dashboard

Sau khi cài đặt WP-useronline okie, xong vào Dashboard của wordpress 2.7 thấy lỗi liên quan đến database về IP của các quốc gia:

WordPress database error: [table '[db_name.ip2nationCountries' doesn't exist]

Tìm trên google thì thấy fix bằng cách import table  ip2nationCountries  vào là okie.

  1. Go To
  2. It will prompt you to download a ZIP file called ""
  3. After downloading, extract the ZIP file ""
  4. You should see the SQL file called "ip2nation.sql"
  5. Go to phpMyAdmin and select your database
  6. Click On The Import Tab of phpMyAdmin
  7. Under "File to import" and then under "Location of the text file", click on "Browse"
  8. Then browse for the SQL file "ip2nation.sql"
  9. Click "Go"

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